Our guide to setting up a three-monitor desk

Our guide to setting up a three-monitor desk

Getting a three-monitor system isn’t as easy as hooking up your three monitors. One of the most important considerations besides software and hardware is your desktop. Having the right desk with the right setup to accommodate your monitors will give you a much better and more enjoyable experience.

Gaming computer desk for multiple monitors

To use a desk for multiple monitors, you need to consider not only the size of your desk, but also its strength and durability. You should also consider your budget for the desk you need.

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Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Computer Corner Desk

Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk with Shelf


In order to get the most out of your three monitors, you’ll need to get a desk that’s large enough to easily accommodate them. The size of the desk is not only related to the length of the desk but also to its width and depth. You need to be able to accommodate not only monitors, but also your keyboard, gaming mouse (see our latest gaming mouse reviews), mouse pad, and other computer gaming accessories.

So what size should you consider if you plan to install a multi-monitor workstation? It largely depends on the type of monitors you are going to use. If you are using the smaller monitors such as 22″ to 24″, you will need at least 50″ wide and at least 30″ deep. If you’re going to be using larger monitors like those 32″ or larger, you’re going to need a bigger desk.

If you don’t have space for this size desk but still want to accommodate multiple monitors, you might consider using a stand or clamp. This will allow you to free up space on your desktop. If you plan to use the clamp-style brackets and not the free-standing brackets, you’ll need to make sure your desk is heavy or you risk tipping it over.

Durability, Strength, and Weight Your desk will need to support a lot of weight if you’re using multiple monitors. Also, look to get a desk that doesn’t have casters or moving parts, as you might find they’re not strong enough to support the weight. Similarly, if you are using clamps, you need something very heavy to hold your monitors or if you are using a floor stand.


Bureau d’ordinateur de jeu pour plusieurs moniteursDesign is one of the most important aspects when choosing your gaming desk for multiple monitors. The first decision you need to make is how you’re going to use your monitors, whether you want them side-by-side, and whether you’re going to use a mounting bracket or a freestanding stand instead of sitting them on your desk. If you are looking for a traditional setup, you can opt for a larger rectangular desk, a corner desk, or an L-shaped desk.


If you intend to use multiple monitors, you need to get a large, sturdy desk, which costs a bit more than standard single-monitor desks, like the Atlantic gaming desk. Unless you’re willing to shell out a bit more for a sturdier desk, it could cost you a lot more in the long run.

Ultimately, the decision on which desk you’re most comfortable with comes down to personal preference. If you want three screens, how you want to set them up, vertically or horizontally, and how much space you have to work with will determine the type of desk you choose.

Corner gaming desk

Corner gaming desks are wonderful as computer gaming desks. The reason is that they have a curve that allows you to place your three monitors side by side while having a curve to enjoy the full immersive gaming experience on different monitors.

Corner gaming desks also offer plenty of space to organize your gaming desk and, due to their design, allow you to keep all of your gaming needs close at hand. They also make great work desks because you can keep all your paperwork on the side you need and keep the other side clean for other jobs.

Corner gaming desks are great for those of you who want to set up a system with multiple monitors, as they offer a lot more space than your standard rectangular desk. Overall, deciding which type of desk to use for your gaming needs comes down to how much space you have and what type of setup you’re looking for. It’s a matter of personal preference.

Desk for 3 monitors of 27 inches

For a desk that can accommodate three 27″ monitors, you want a reasonably sized piece of furniture that is sturdy and solid, and can comfortably support the weight and size of each of the screens. Size matters here because there’s no point in having great monitors but no space to put your mouse or keyboard. You need a desk that is at least 55 inches wide and about 35 inches deep to accommodate them comfortably.

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Have a computer desk that can support the weight and size of your multiple monitors. Consider whether you want to mount your monitors with stands and clamps or place them side by side on your desk. Ultimately, your setup is personal to you, so what makes you feel comfortable is important when looking for the perfect desk to complement your gaming setup.